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About Nocturne Notes

Born from a desire to infuse creativity and innovation into piano education, Nocturne Notes offers a treasure trove of original piano sheet music, worksheets, and resources tailored for both students and teachers.

Meet the Composer

Rebecca Peacock, founder of Nocturne Notes, has a life-long love of music and the piano. With a rich background in Classical Piano, Rebecca has evolved into a prolific composer, creating extensive resources for use in her own Piano teaching.

Her passion for music education has led her to develop a series of innovative digital music products aimed at enhancing teaching methodologies and engaging students more effectively.

Digital vs. Traditional Sheet Music

Digital Sheet Music

Digital sheet music from Nocturne Notes offers instant access and a tailored approach that traditional sheet music cannot match. Perfect for dynamic teaching and learning.

Tailor music to students’ likes

Instant Availability

Only print what you need = eco-friendly


Traditional Sheet Music

While traditional sheet music has its charm, it can lack the flexibility and accessibility that modern music educators need to effectively engage their students.

Takes up physical space

Have to wait for the books to arrive

Uses lots of Paper

Higher Costs

How I've used the resources in my teaching...

You can’t plan ahead for everything!

But you can print digital music quickly at the start of the lesson. For those times when a student comes in desperate to learn something you haven’t planned for!

Make theory fun and hands on

My students ask for more theory worksheets to do at home! And with quick games and activities, they’ll learn theory without realising it.

Track progress without exams

Not every student wants to do exams, but they can be a good way to demonstrate progress. With the Nocturne Notes Progression Milestones, it’s easy to track achievements without the need for Grade exams!

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For inquiries or support, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m here to assist you with any questions about my digital sheet music and resources.

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