Pre-Grade 1 Piano Pack for Piano Teachers

Sheet Music and Worksheets for Teaching Piano

Do you need a pack of teaching resources that will save you planning time AND help your students learn?

Pre-Grade 1 Piano Pack - Sheet Music
  • Are you looking for theory worksheets aimed at those students who have a basic grasp of piano and theory, but haven’t yet reached Grade 1?
  • Do you want to cut down your planning hours and just focus on the actual teaching?
  • Would you love to use modern sounding, great looking resources in your lesson teaching?
  • Do you and your students want some new music that sounds great and is FUN to play?

I know what it’s like to be a busy piano teacher, trying to juggle lots of different roles in your business! I know how difficult it can be to find appropriate resources to match the level and learning needs of your students. And I know first hand how difficult it can be to find resources that look good and are easy for students to follow and complete.

I have created this pack of teaching resources just for teachers like us!

Pre-Grade 1 Piano Pack - Scale Worksheet

How will this help me?

What if you had a set of sheet music written especially for those late beginner students. 

Imagine if you didn’t have to go hunting online for the perfect theory sheet to reinforce late beginner terminology. What if you already had it! And – even better – what if it links in perfectly to that new piece they are learning!

And what if you had matching scales sheets and warm up exercises too!

What if your lesson planning each week became as simple as clicking print on a pdf?

What is the Pre-Grade 1 Piano Pack?

The Pre-Grade 1 Piano Pack is a bundle of:

  • sheet music
  • theory sheets
  • crosswords
  • word searches
  • colouring sheets
  • piano exercises
  • scale sheets


All music terminology, notes on the staves, key signatures and time signatures have been picked to be perfectly suited to this stage of piano students!

It’s designed to be a print-and-go pack of resources for Piano teachers, saving you time and making your life simpler!

Pre-Grade 1 Piano Pack - Colouring Sheet

The Pre-Grade 1 Piano Pack will become your new go to pack of piano teaching resources for beginner students!

Buy now for only £27.50!

Approximately €30 EUR, $34 USD, $46 AUD (as of 25th October 2021.)

A black and white photo of Rebecca Peacock

Who am I?

Hi! My name is Rebecca, I have been playing the Piano (almost) my whole life, teaching Piano and Music Theory for over ten years, and running my own business for the last 5 years. 

I’ve built the Piano lesson part of my Performing Arts School using resources I have created and my own curriculum. Now, I’m sharing these resources with you in this brand-new pack specifically aimed at Pre-Grade 1 Piano students.

As a busy piano teacher I know how long it can take to prepare and find the perfect piece of music or relevant worksheet for your students. Well, let me take the hard work out of planning and cut down your hours spent planning, allowing you to focus on what you love the most about your business – teaching!

Pre-Grade 1 Piano Pack - Wordsearch
Pre-Grade 1 Piano Pack - Sample Pages
Pre-Grade 1 Piano Pack - Crossword

What’s included?

pieces of new sheet music

theory worksheets

scale & chord worksheets

piano exercises

music word crosswords

music word word searches

colour-by-music colouring sheets

hidden image colouring sheets

After purchase, you will be able to download all of these instantly in pdf format.

Just print them out (or email them to your online students) and they’re ready to use!

Buy now for only £27.50!

Approximately €30 EUR, $34 USD, $46 AUD (as of 25th October 2021.)


What age/stage are these resources for?

These resources have been created for mid-late stage beginner piano students. Those students who have a basic knowledge and can play with both hands, but haven’t yet reached Grade 1 UK standard.

Is this a digital product?

Yes! This is an instant download digital product in pdf format. 

How many students can I use this with?

This product will come with a single teacher licence, this means that: 

  • You may download, print and give the materials to an indefinite number of students provided that they are your OWN PERSONAL students. This licence does not expire.

(Please contact me if you are a multi-teacher school interested in this product –

Does it expire?

No! You only need to purchase it once and then you can use it for an unlimited number of students!

How do I use it?

After downloading the pdf file you can either print them out or email the pdf to your students if teaching online.

Buy now for only £27.50!

Approximately €30 EUR, $34 USD, $46 AUD (as of 25th October 2021.)


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